Friday, April 26, 2013

the art of EPIC

The art of Epic is finally in print! There were a lot of hours put into the creation of the art for this film. I've been fortunate enough to work with these amazing artists over the past few years, and to even been asked to contribute some of my ideas to the making of this film. More to come on my contributions to the project, but first check out the book!
One of my drawings from the book: Ronin, head of the Leafmen.


Winona Janega said...

There are a couple previous Blue Sky films that I would just love to have an art of book for; I hadn't realized there was going to be an art of book for epic, that's great!

Lluís Llobera said...

You ROCK BJ!!!

Your role in this movie was HUGE, you gave us all so much inspiration!!! I'm just happy that there's an "art of" book where people can see some of your art!!

SUPER proud of you dude :-)



Dave Pryor said...

Wow! Super cool!

I've been seeing the standups in the theaters lately - I hope to see it soon.

Trip Park said...

You know BJ, when I was up in the halls of Blue Sky you never let on how much your designs were in Epic! So humble and yet also such a great dude you are! Huge future ahead for you there!!!


LOVEZ said...

after reading so I love this blog article

Andrea K Haid said...

I appreciated all the art and research that went into the making of Epic! It seemed like such a personal story, at least that's how it felt to me when I saw it. I wrote up a blog post on the inspiration for the art and story idea for Epic:

Beth Ravenge Gallant said...

It's an awesome drawing, I love the style!

Beth Ravenge Gallant said...

It's an awesome drawing, I love the style!